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Integrated cancer care views patients to be active participants and collaborators in their own treatment, where physicians are health advisors.

Recovery and optimal well-being go far beyond just treating a tumor or ‘disease’. This multifaceted outlook integrates treatment of physical symptoms and disease with a broader spectrum of overall wellness.

While conventional treatment and medicine have their rightful place, we also believe that addressing psychological health, social support, health and fitness, and social support are crucial for overall well-being during and beyond cancer treatment.

Cancer Support Groups

Our support group includes patients on active treatment, maintenance treatment, and those in survivorship.

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Spiritual Counseling

Our Spiritual counselor can help motivate and provide advice on how to sustain hope for the best possible outcomes.

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Patient Education

We offer patient chemo-teaching sessions that will keep you well-informed about what to expect in your treatment.

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Healthful Lifestyle

Our focus on health and fitness will help you integrate wellness in your life as part of your treatment plan.

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Psychological Health

We offer psychological health screenings to ensure you are feeling your best mentally all through your treatment.

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Local Resources Guidance

Our team is here to assist you in finding the resources you need locally during your cancer treatment.

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Your cancer care team will help you make your transition from treatment to survivorship as seamless as possible.

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OCM Resources

This program provides patient navigation, additional patient education, and access to local resources.

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Our mission is to deliver quality comprehensive hematology and oncology care in the community setting with comfort, compassion and privacy.